Celebrate International Babywearing week with Soulslings

Review of soul Full Buckle (Standard) Carrier

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As we all knows this week from October 2-8,2017 is babywearing week . So in the occasion of International Babywearing Week we will discuss about baby wearing. I’m a mom of 1.8 year old baby and his weight is 12kg . Now a days I’m using soulslings full buckle (standard) carrier. Soul is a first Indian company to make internationally safety-tested, high quality ring slings, wraps and full wrap conversion soft structure carriers. Now soul is a very important part of my life.

International babywearing week :-

International babywearing week is an annual event sponsored by baby wearing. It’s a week -long opportunity to celebrate and focus on the many benefits of baby wearing.

What is babywearing :-

Babywearing is the best way to keep your baby close and connected to you as you engage in daily activities. Some time ago I thought that Babywearing is not comfortable for mom and baby. But when I received a Full Buckle Carrier from soul then I came to know what exactly is the Babywearing. If you want to keep close your little one in your busy schedule too, then Babywearing is a bless for you.

Benefits of Babywearing :-

1. Because of carrier you can do a hiking comfortably with your baby. Wear your baby and walk freely.

2. You can do you daily task easily with your baby such as house work.

3. Baby will not cry because they will get time to stay with you as much as possible.

4. Being very close to you will develop in the child, by watching you they learn language and non-verbal cues.

5. With baby when you will do hiking , it would be a great workout. Carrying any extra weight while walking adds to the benefit of a workout. It’s mean Babywearing a good workout which you can do in your busy schedule too.

About soulslings :-

Soul is a family run Indian company and all of their carriers are made and shipped directly from their Soul studio in Bangalore India. Souls products are available world wide! They have distributors in the US, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Mexico, Malaysia, Ireland, UAE and Italy. Soul also makes slings , baby shoes, hats, bags, shawls, scarves, blankets, and child baby carriers, which are adorable. I have tried their bag . The print , colour and fabric of bag is really awesome.

About soul Full Buckle (standard) :-

Soul Full Buckles are lightweight, breathable and very comfortable baby carriers. Made completely out of 100% natural fibres, they are ideal for all climates.

Weight recommendation: 7 -18 kg (15-40 lb)

Material: 100% linen

Seat width: 15.5 inches

Body panel height: 17 inches

Adjustments: 2-way shoulder adjustment + PFA + sliding back/chest straps

Tested for : ASTM F2236

Why I recommend this :- Yes I recommend soul because I’m using this carrier from last one month and I find this is very comfortable and the fabric of carrier is superb with this no size issue too. Yes this is the best quality of this carrier that it fits both my husband and I. Actually my husband is healthy, I thought it would not fit my husband. But now I’m so happy because soul carrier fit both of us easily and trust me I will never recommend anything to my readers that I won’t use for myself or my family.

My rating for soul :-

Comfort – 4.5/5

Fabric – 4.5/5

Baby comfort – 4.5/5

Thanks soul for introducing us to Babywearing and to make our lives easier. So mommies if you are looking for baby carrier , you should check soul ones. They have amazing collection of comfortable carriers with beautiful prints and colours. You can find soul here as well on Facebook and Instagram .

Disclaimer :- This is a sponsored post. I received this beautifuI full buckle carrier from the brand to share my experience by using but I have given my review honesty after one use.


Fig-O-Honey : Cloth Diaper Review

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Today I want to share my experience with you about Fig-O-Honey eco-friendly,reusable cloth diapers. They have a great variety of geogeous colours and prints. So if you want to save your money,time and want to help the environment then it’s time to say Hello these eco-friendly cloth diapers.

I’m using these cloth pocket diapers from last two months for my 1.6 year old baby and I find nothing is better than cloth diaper for my baby’s bum.

What is cloth diaper :

A cloth diaper is a reusable diaper made from natural fibers, man-made materials . Cloth diapers reduce baby’s exposure to harmful chemicals.

What is Pocket diaper :

A pocket style diaper has a pocket opening between the outer waterproof shell / cover and the inner layer that touches baby’s skin. You can place the obsorbent material inside this pocket opening.

About Fig-O-Honey : Fig-O-Honey cloth diapers are made of soft , Stay-dry fabric on the inside, to keep the baby’s skin dry . The inserts are made of absorbent fabric and outer layer is waterproof to prevent diaper leaks. Fig-O-Honey one size diapers can be adjusted to size XS to Let ( 4.5 kg to 15 kg ) with easy snap buttons. Fig-O-Honey cloth diapers come in a variety of gorgeous colours and adorable prints.

My Experience :

I am using Fig-O-Honey cloth diapers from last 2 months and I totally love it. I love the print , colour and quality of these cloth diapers . My baby wears them 3 to 4 hours without any leak. The diapers are baby skin friendly and environment friendly too. They have best quality with affordable price.

Price : ₹446

So if you are a mommy or mom-to-be and want to try cloth diapers, you should check Fig-O-Honey . You can shop from here .

Disclaimer :

This is a sponsored post. I received these two beautifuI cloth diapers from the brand to share my experience by using but I have given my review honesty.


Mom’s tricks to handle TODDLER’S TANTRUM ..

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We all know about toddler’s tantrum. We can say that Synonyms of Toddler is tantrum. When they starts, nobody can stop them. But we have to deal because we are mom’s. Tantrum of kids is a big problem for moms . I’m also one of them. And everybody has their own way to handle the tantrum of their kids.

You can see that in the picture How is my son laying on the floor? Only because of his anger. And in such a time, controlling my son’s tantrum is a big challenge for me.So here are my hacks to control the tantrum of my son.

My 10 tricks to handle Toddler’s Tantrum

1) Find the reason :

Whenever my baby throws tantrum ,My first job is to find the region. ” What is the problem? ” And I tell him that crying will not solve the problem. Then I ask my baby to solve the problem. If the problem is solvable then I solve it. Problem solved and my son is happy. But this is a bit difficult for me. Because my son is only 1.5 year old and he only explain his problem only through gestures.But I understand his language. After all I’m his mom.

2) Give them space : Give to your little one a bit space because sometimes they just needs to get their anger out. So let them. After that they feel good and calm down.

3) Change the place : Try to change the place when they start throwing tantrum. It would be helpful. If your baby cries for any toy or candy pick him up and take him either to a different area or outside until he calms down and you will see the change of place will change behavior.

4) Try to divert mind : You can talk to your little one about something else to divert the mind when they start throwing tantrum.This makes the kid’s attention centered in the new topic and forget that old thing.

5) Make fun : Make fun with your kids to make them happy. To make them happy you can do exactly as your kid does. Like if they cries loudly , you also come up with a louder fake cry. Suddenly you will see that,they will get distracted and they will hug you with laugh as their way of consoling. I love to make laugh with my son because raise your son as a happy person , is one of my parenting mantras.

Read my Parenting Mantras – https://ajisthsmomstyle.wordpress.com/2017/06/29/blog-train-my-parenting-mantras-praise-pray-patience-persist-positive-attitude/

7) Favourite dress or game : one sweet and easy way to handle kid’s tantrum. Give them their favourite dress to wear or let them play with their favourite toy ,it makes them happy. Or you can tell your kids If you will calm down then I buy you, your favourite toy. And kids become calm in this greed.

8) Favourite food : Favourite food is also works good . You can tell your lil one that if you keep quiet then I will make you, your favorite food. Like my son’s favourite food is upma . He really loves Upma.

9) Make a character :

You can make a character for your baby like my baby’s favourite character is God Ganesha. Whenever he throws tantrum, I say to my son that if you become calm then only Ganesha will befriend you otherwise no and in this greed, he becomes silent.

10) Mom’s Hug : The best and and my favourite way to handle my baby’s tantrum. It works like magic.When your baby’s anger is in the seventh heaven, just give to your baby a tight hug because nothing is better than mom’s hug to cool them off better.

I hope my tricks will work for you.If you like this article, then comment on it also share your experiences with me that how do you handle your toddler’s tantrum.

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How to Safe Your Baby From Rashes in summer..

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Today we’ll discuss about a big summer problems…. And the problem is – How to keep our child cool and rash free?

In the summer , i have to battle with keeping my baby cool all time. While buying the perfect toddler wear for summer can be a pain, here’s what else do to make sure my children stay cool and rash free.

We should choose perfect time for outing:

Morning and late evenings are the best time for outing. We always wear sunscreen and hats or carry an umbrella.

We should choose comfortable Baby’s clothes:

For summer we prefer cottons for baby with light colour. Breathable material prevents rashes and dries the sweat quickly.

After a day out ,we change into something loose like pajamas or short and t-shirt just to cool down.while selecting clothes I’m very particular about elastic. When I’m going to select underwear, pants,shorts and paijamas ,I make sure the elastic is soft and not very tight.

We should know about Diaper :

I tried a couple of brands before deciding which diaper to use. During summer I didn’t mind using a slightly loose diaper when I was relatively certain the baby Will not poo . I also change the diaper frequently, just like the saintary napkin. It keep the skin dry.

I’m a big fan of Johnson’s baby oil . So I always apply a generous protion of oil, wipe off the excess and let him be diaper free for sometime before putting the diaper again.

Ever since my son is starting to tell for potty,I let him sleep only pajama. It helped keep the rash at bay!

We should Shower twice in a day to baby:

Shower in the morning and before bed – that’s a no brainer for summer. But the kids need to be totally dry before they Were their clothes.
We should know about good food for baby according to summer

My son love his salad and fruits and I try to give it to him in their natural forms and always a bit cold. It serves the dual purpose of nutrition and having something cold .

Heat is dehydrating and kids lose their salts from outdoor play. A glass of Glucon D,nimbu Pani ,kal jeera and aam pana is the welcome treat when they come back home.last but not least ,we place alot of focus on being happy and having fun…. Summer or winter is our family remedy for any and everything.

Was this blog helpful for you .we’d love for you to tell us about any hacks you use to keep your child cool and rash free this summer … Tell me in the comment below.


My love in words for my one year old son ….

Dear Ajisth ,
Today I’m going to write a something for you.I can’t believe it’s been a year already.you came in to this world on April 8,2016 at 1:35pm via a schedule c-section,at 6 lbs,5oz ,20 and half inches tall.Yes I was nervous that time,not for become a mom.. I was nervous for the surgery but when I saw you , I forgot to everything ..

You should’ve seen your daddy how cute looked in his scrubs thought – like a giddy new fatherhe could not wait to meet you.Thank God he was able to keep me calm while we waited and waited for a good doctor to deliver you. Dr. Chawla is his name and he is the one of finest OB-GYNS in Ambala(Hariyana).The best for my baby ..

The surgery was not fun.I’m not gonna lie but I’ll never forget that moment when the doctor lifted you above the curtain for us to see that we had birthed a beautiful and healthy baby boy.You came out perfect and u barely made a peep your first few hours in this world…

Hard to believe ,considering you are my child.Every time I held you in hospital ,I could hardly see past my own tears.. I’hv never known love like this.It was everything I dreamed it would be -it was much more

The first month your daddy was able to be home with me every day to help take care of you,it was a great bonding experience for all three of us.Thank God fatherhood comes so neturally to him.From the minute you were born , your daddy has always known exactly what to do to take care of you.

And don’t forget to Masi ,she was a great care taker of yours for the very first month.she was doing everything to take care of you.

At only four months old , you said to your first word “Dadda” and at eight months you finally said “mamma” and the 25 March is a memorable day for me,from that day you started to walk. you were not a good sleeper , always you want to do something new but you were a verbal baby and naughty too .

But the best part about you is how happy you are, every single day,no matter what.you wake up with a big smile on your face and you go to sleep that way too.Even you know how to make me giggle

There hasn’t been a single day till now that I haven’t appreciated how lucky we are to have you as our son.you have bought so much happiness and love in to our lives .The you were born was life changing for me .I know every new parent says this,but it’s true.

I’m so glad you were our first born too.You are the love of my life.The cutest baby in the entire world.The sweetest boy I’ve ever known. I’m so proud to be your mamma. Daddy and I love you so much my bacha.

— Your mamma 😘