How to Safe Your Baby From Rashes in summer..

Hi friends..

Today we’ll discuss about a big summer problems…. And the problem is – How to keep our child cool and rash free?

In the summer , i have to battle with keeping my baby cool all time. While buying the perfect toddler wear for summer can be a pain, here’s what else do to make sure my children stay cool and rash free.

We should choose perfect time for outing:

Morning and late evenings are the best time for outing. We always wear sunscreen and hats or carry an umbrella.

We should choose comfortable Baby’s clothes:

For summer we prefer cottons for baby with light colour. Breathable material prevents rashes and dries the sweat quickly.

After a day out ,we change into something loose like pajamas or short and t-shirt just to cool down.while selecting clothes I’m very particular about elastic. When I’m going to select underwear, pants,shorts and paijamas ,I make sure the elastic is soft and not very tight.

We should know about Diaper :

I tried a couple of brands before deciding which diaper to use. During summer I didn’t mind using a slightly loose diaper when I was relatively certain the baby Will not poo . I also change the diaper frequently, just like the saintary napkin. It keep the skin dry.

I’m a big fan of Johnson’s baby oil . So I always apply a generous protion of oil, wipe off the excess and let him be diaper free for sometime before putting the diaper again.

Ever since my son is starting to tell for potty,I let him sleep only pajama. It helped keep the rash at bay!

We should Shower twice in a day to baby:

Shower in the morning and before bed – that’s a no brainer for summer. But the kids need to be totally dry before they Were their clothes.
We should know about good food for baby according to summer

My son love his salad and fruits and I try to give it to him in their natural forms and always a bit cold. It serves the dual purpose of nutrition and having something cold .

Heat is dehydrating and kids lose their salts from outdoor play. A glass of Glucon D,nimbu Pani ,kal jeera and aam pana is the welcome treat when they come back home.last but not least ,we place alot of focus on being happy and having fun…. Summer or winter is our family remedy for any and everything.

Was this blog helpful for you .we’d love for you to tell us about any hacks you use to keep your child cool and rash free this summer … Tell me in the comment below.



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