My love in words for my one year old son ….

Dear Ajisth ,
Today I’m going to write a something for you.I can’t believe it’s been a year came in to this world on April 8,2016 at 1:35pm via a schedule c-section,at 6 lbs,5oz ,20 and half inches tall.Yes I was nervous that time,not for become a mom.. I was nervous for the surgery but when I saw you , I forgot to everything ..

You should’ve seen your daddy how cute looked in his scrubs thought – like a giddy new fatherhe could not wait to meet you.Thank God he was able to keep me calm while we waited and waited for a good doctor to deliver you. Dr. Chawla is his name and he is the one of finest OB-GYNS in Ambala(Hariyana).The best for my baby ..

The surgery was not fun.I’m not gonna lie but I’ll never forget that moment when the doctor lifted you above the curtain for us to see that we had birthed a beautiful and healthy baby boy.You came out perfect and u barely made a peep your first few hours in this world…

Hard to believe ,considering you are my child.Every time I held you in hospital ,I could hardly see past my own tears.. I’hv never known love like this.It was everything I dreamed it would be -it was much more

The first month your daddy was able to be home with me every day to help take care of you,it was a great bonding experience for all three of us.Thank God fatherhood comes so neturally to him.From the minute you were born , your daddy has always known exactly what to do to take care of you.

And don’t forget to Masi ,she was a great care taker of yours for the very first month.she was doing everything to take care of you.

At only four months old , you said to your first word “Dadda” and at eight months you finally said “mamma” and the 25 March is a memorable day for me,from that day you started to walk. you were not a good sleeper , always you want to do something new but you were a verbal baby and naughty too .

But the best part about you is how happy you are, every single day,no matter wake up with a big smile on your face and you go to sleep that way too.Even you know how to make me giggle

There hasn’t been a single day till now that I haven’t appreciated how lucky we are to have you as our have bought so much happiness and love in to our lives .The you were born was life changing for me .I know every new parent says this,but it’s true.

I’m so glad you were our first born too.You are the love of my life.The cutest baby in the entire world.The sweetest boy I’ve ever known. I’m so proud to be your mamma. Daddy and I love you so much my bacha.

— Your mamma 😘

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