No need to celebrate NAVRATRI if you don’t want baby girl…( Stop Gender Discrimination )

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In this Navratri ,we 12 Bloggers are together to celebrate Navratri with a blog train. Follow our train if you want to know about fashion, Makeup and the thoughts of my other fellow bloggers about NAVRATRI.

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What is NAVRATRI :-

In India Navratri is one of the main and famous festivals of Hindus. Some people also know it the name of Durga Pooja. The meaning of Navratri word is nine nights in Sanskrit. Nava meaning Nine and ratri meaning nights. During these days , nine forms of female divining are worshipped.

How do we celebrate Navaratri :-

Navratri is celebrated in different ways in India with great enthusiasm. Because I am from North India . That’s why I know better the customs of North India. Navratri is celebrated by fasting on all nine days with much devotion in North India . People decorate pandals specially with flowers and other ornaments. For 10 days, they worship there and after Vijaya Dashami, the idol of Durga maa is immersed with great pomp.

Navaratri has many rituals, one of which is Ritual Kanya Puja. It is said that without Kanya pooja the reverence and devotion of the Durga maa remains incomplete.This is why people invites Kumari to their home then wash their feet and decked with Alta. As well as a delicious bhog of puris, kale chane and halwa is offered to the little nine devis.

Did you know – Navratri (the nine-day festival ) to honor Maa Durga is also a festival to honor womanhood? And this is why people observe Kanya Pujan? It helps to eradicate all bad luck & seek to fulfill desires as well as revel in Maa’s divine energy.

” Now the topic is that if you can worship other’s Kanya then why you don’t want to give birth a kanya? “

As earlier I mentioned that Navratri is also a festival to honour womanhood. But when the woman will not remain, Who will be honoured. People worship the daughters of others in their homes but they don’t want their own daughter.When the father receives news from the nurse , Congratulations !! You blessed with a baby girl. The father becomes unhappy rather than happy. I’m not talking about all parents or father but I saw many like this. Why? Because they thinks that baby girl is a burden for them . They start saving money for her marriage by birth . Why? Because of dowery. Yes dowery is a big problem in some states like UP and BIHAR . But what is the fault of that little baby in all this ,even she don’t know anything about this world. She is just a newborn baby . You should worship her guys because she is also a Kanya.

Now is the time to stop gender discrimination. Gender discrimination exists in many different types all over the world. Like –

1) Discrimination in Education

2) Discrimination in Employment

3) Wage discrimination

4) Maternity discrimination at work etc.

I discussed these discrimination here because if you really want to give honour to women then we should stop gender discrimination.On one side we worship women as God and in second side we do not want to honor women. Is it right? Do you not think that –

• A husband should respect his wife and a son should respect his mother.

• A father should love his daughter as his son and should respect her desire and decision.

• An male colleague should respect his female colleague.

• Woman should get equal rights in Wages also.

• People should co-operate with a working pregnant woman. Whether it is home or office.

In this Navratri you should promise to yourself that we will honour to womanhood .We will not make any difference between man and woman.

PS – This post is not for all Parents or male community . I know now the time has changed. Now people do not discriminate like before . But still there are some people, who do this. This is only for those who are still doing gender discrimination.

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Mom’s tricks to handle TODDLER’S TANTRUM ..

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We all know about toddler’s tantrum. We can say that Synonyms of Toddler is tantrum. When they starts, nobody can stop them. But we have to deal because we are mom’s. Tantrum of kids is a big problem for moms . I’m also one of them. And everybody has their own way to handle the tantrum of their kids.

You can see that in the picture How is my son laying on the floor? Only because of his anger. And in such a time, controlling my son’s tantrum is a big challenge for me.So here are my hacks to control the tantrum of my son.

My 10 tricks to handle Toddler’s Tantrum

1) Find the reason :

Whenever my baby throws tantrum ,My first job is to find the region. ” What is the problem? ” And I tell him that crying will not solve the problem. Then I ask my baby to solve the problem. If the problem is solvable then I solve it. Problem solved and my son is happy. But this is a bit difficult for me. Because my son is only 1.5 year old and he only explain his problem only through gestures.But I understand his language. After all I’m his mom.

2) Give them space : Give to your little one a bit space because sometimes they just needs to get their anger out. So let them. After that they feel good and calm down.

3) Change the place : Try to change the place when they start throwing tantrum. It would be helpful. If your baby cries for any toy or candy pick him up and take him either to a different area or outside until he calms down and you will see the change of place will change behavior.

4) Try to divert mind : You can talk to your little one about something else to divert the mind when they start throwing tantrum.This makes the kid’s attention centered in the new topic and forget that old thing.

5) Make fun : Make fun with your kids to make them happy. To make them happy you can do exactly as your kid does. Like if they cries loudly , you also come up with a louder fake cry. Suddenly you will see that,they will get distracted and they will hug you with laugh as their way of consoling. I love to make laugh with my son because raise your son as a happy person , is one of my parenting mantras.

Read my Parenting Mantras –

7) Favourite dress or game : one sweet and easy way to handle kid’s tantrum. Give them their favourite dress to wear or let them play with their favourite toy ,it makes them happy. Or you can tell your kids If you will calm down then I buy you, your favourite toy. And kids become calm in this greed.

8) Favourite food : Favourite food is also works good . You can tell your lil one that if you keep quiet then I will make you, your favorite food. Like my son’s favourite food is upma . He really loves Upma.

9) Make a character :

You can make a character for your baby like my baby’s favourite character is God Ganesha. Whenever he throws tantrum, I say to my son that if you become calm then only Ganesha will befriend you otherwise no and in this greed, he becomes silent.

10) Mom’s Hug : The best and and my favourite way to handle my baby’s tantrum. It works like magic.When your baby’s anger is in the seventh heaven, just give to your baby a tight hug because nothing is better than mom’s hug to cool them off better.

I hope my tricks will work for you.If you like this article, then comment on it also share your experiences with me that how do you handle your toddler’s tantrum.

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Make your kid’s wardrobe, Trendy and Unique with

Hugsntugs.comReview of kid’s clothing and accessories website

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As you all know, today’s kids are very conscious about their clothes. Because gone are those days when only women need to fashion and follow the trend. Now even your little ones demand to be in trend. Now you will go store to store in search of such a kind but why to go out and stress yourself so much when you can do that all with just sitting on a couch in your home with a mug of coffee?

Yes,I have a solution to your problem, that’s why today I’m here with a one and only best stop for kids fashion, which name is HUGSNTUGS online kid’s shopping store.In Hugsntugs Website are ample of baby dresses online with affordable price, for you to surf the whole day and get the best for your little one. No need to trouble of switching sites to sites. Open this site and enjoy your kid’s shopping.

Diwali is coming which we all celebrate with great fanfare and also buy new clothes. This is a favorite festival of children because the children get new clothes and sweets in this festival. So you also have to shop clothes for your kids right? So click on and pick up the best traditional dress for your little one. They have special section for Dewali.They have beautifuI collection of Lahnga to girls and kurta-pajama to boys for the festival.

Introduction : is a kid’s online shopping brand. They have amazing and quality based kid’s wear collection with most up trends offering. This company is an initiative of two new moms Mukta and Nimisha . Who love dressing up their little ones and encourage other moms to do the same. They both founders are from the fashion designing industry so no doubt they have a great sence of fashion and trends. Because moms are the founders of so they take care of quality even with style.

Why am I recommending this website :

Yes I recommending this website to you for your kid’s outfits because of these qualities…

1) Trendy & quality based clothes:

If you want trendy outfits with quality for your kids, You must definitely check this website.They have amazing collection for boys and girls. I’m a Mom of baby boy and normally I struggle in finding trendy clothes for my lil boy but when I received two beautifuI shirts from this website . I checked this website has such a vast collection as per toddler fashion trends.

2) Occasion Special :

The best thing is that they have a vast trendy and quality based occasion special collection too. They have wonderful collection for Diwali and Christmas like Santa wear and other western and traditional dresses to make your kid happy. You should check website once because Diwali is coming and just 3 months left for Christmas.

3) Customized products :

Hugsntugs personalized kids and baby clothing make the cutest and most unique gifts for birthday and all occasions. They can personalized to any name. You can call them and explain what kind of customiseing you would want for your product and they will be deliver same.

4) Accessories for kids :

Kids dresses are incomplete without accessories that why Hugsntug made accessories to make your kids stylish. Yes seriously they have have super cute accessories collection for your little one specialy for girls. So why go somewhere else for accessories? Click on the website and choose your kid’s clothes matching accessories.

5) Nurseries Materials :

With clothes and accessories they have beautiful Nurseries material also like bedding, pillow etc. You can make special your toddler Nurseries with Hugsntug. They have a vast collection of beautiful and quality based Cot sheets , cushion , sleeping bags and all the nurseries materials. Now it’s time to decore your kids room with

Overall I’m totally love their all collections. And my suggestion is you should also check once their website. I know you would also love their collection. So don’t waste time check their website and choose best for your baby.

How to buy :

You can buy directly from the Hugsntugs website 👇

Or also you can order from their Instagram page @hugsntugs .

Disclaimer :

I received these two beautifuI shirts from the brand to share my experience by using but I have given my review honesty.

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Review – Mamaearth Baby Skin Care Products

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Today I will introduce you to my favourite and trusted baby skincare brand which is Asia’s first and only Made Safe curtified brand and the brand name is Mamaearth. Being a mother I always want to choose best for my baby and what can be better than natural for my son. And the best thing is that all the products of Mamaearth are Dermatologically tested. That’s why I love to use Mamaearth’s products for my baby because they made totally natural and toxin free products.

Today I have these 4 products from Mamaearth to show you which I have been using from last one month and after one month my review is here for these products.

1) Mamaearth soothing massage oil

2) Mamaearth natural insect repellent

3) Mamaearth gentle cleansing shampoo

4) Mamaearth Moisturizing daily lotion

By using these I know that for a Mom nothing is better than Mamaearth products to her baby.

Products Details :-

1) Mamaearth soothing massage oil

The massage oil is a natural blend of pure almond,sesame and jojoba oil. Using this, my son’s skin has become healthy and shiny. I love the smell of this message oil. With this it’s easily absorbed in the skin. Love the packaging of oil.There is no fear of falling oil because of its packaging. Overall I love to use this oil for my baby.

Ingredients :

Cold pressed sesame seed oil, virgin coconut oil, virgin olive oil, sweet almond oil, jojoba oil, lavender oil and chamomile oil.

How to use : Massage into baby’s skin as often as needed, especially after bathing.

Price : 100ml ₹299/-

2) Mamaearth natural insect repellent

By the way before this I never used insect repellent for AJISTH. It was too difficult for me to keep my baby indoors forever because he loves outdoors.But what about the outdoor pungents like insects and mosquitoes?I never used chemical based products for my baby . I was worried about my son’s safety. Then I got Mamaearth natural insect repellent. It’s 100% natural and Deet free oil. Now my baby is totally safe and free in outdoors too.It gives a good smell but after using it insects especially mosquitoes run away .It has natural blend of essential repellent oils like Citronella, Peppermint and Lemon eucalyptus with a base of Soya and Castrol oil.

Ingredients : Purified water,cold pressed soybean oil, cold pressed castor oil, citronella essential oil, cedar essential oil, lemon eucalyptus essential oil, rosemary essential oil and peppermint essential oil.

How to use : shake well before use. Do not apply over cuts,wounds or irritated skin.

Price : 100ml ₹299/-

3) Mamaearth gentle cleansing shampoo

I love this shampoo because the shampoo does not dry hair but provides shine. Shampoo is 100% toxin free and it gives soft and nourishing hair.Also, it does not irritated the eyes of the babies. It’s totally safe for babies from every angle.

Ingredients :

Purified water,decyl glucoside, sodium cocoyl isothionate,disodium cocoampho acetate panthenol,aloevera extract, vegetable glycerine,xanthan gum, sodium benzoate, potassium sorbate and lavender essential oil.

How to use : Squeeze the soft, instant liquid on to your hand,dilute with water and apply on hair.

Price : 200ml ₹299/-

4) Mamaearth Moisturizing daily

I love to use this lotion because it’s natural blend of aloevera, Shea Butter, vitamin E etc. It protect from dryness and irrigation and makes baby’s skin fresh and velvety soft. It’s long-lasting. Once applied to the skin it works all day.

Ingredients :

purified water, caprylic capric triglyceride, Shea butter, cocoa butter, olive oil, wheatgerm oil. Calendula extract, jojoba oil, aloevera extract, vitamin E, sorbitan olivate, glyceryl stearate, cetyl alcohol, potassium sorbate, sodium benzoate, and chamomile essential oil

How to use : Massage into baby’s skin as often as needed , especially after bathing.

Price : 200ml ₹299/-

How to buy : All products are easily available on Mamaearth’s website . You can also buy it from Amazon and FirstCry.

If you like natural products then you should definately try the products of Mamaearth for your baby.You will surely like this.

Disclaimer : These products are given to me by company to share my experience by using but I have given my review honesty.

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FREEDOM SPECIAL : Enjoying life as a Soldier’s Wife…

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Welcome to our Independence day blog series. We bring to you a series of 13 blogs from 13 versatile bloggers writing for one common goal #FreedomToExpress.

Thank you, Rakhi for introducing me. Who blogs at

On the occasion of Independence Day I want to write something about our INDIAN DEFENCE. Those who fight for our freedom day and night. Actually I’m also belongs to a Defence family so I have little knowledge of their lifestyle which I want to share with you.

As a formal introduction , I’m Rashmi mommy to baby AJISTH and a proud wife of MR POORAN SINGH. He is in AIRFORCE and presently his post on airforce as a carporal. So today I’m going to to tell you how I’m enjoying my life as soldier’s wife.

Before marriage I think I know about Air Force but no I was wrong I didn’t know anything their inner work. Staying with my union ( husband and with the other Defence families )for about a year, here are the things which I know about them.

Work of Air Force?

Almost all thinks they just fly planes all day long and laugh at everyone below?


The Air Force focuses on flying, but only a small fraction of personnel actually fly. Rest all airmen and airwomen work on –

▶ Flight support missions :

Flying is just a pilot’s job but before flying there are many things that help in flying. Like technical work in aircraft. Which is called Flight Support Mission. Which means that the aircraft without its collaboration can not fly.

▶ Handling base affairs :

Some Airmen handle the bases before flying.Like giving a signal to fly.There are a lot of work that airmen handle from the base.

▶ Constructing new airstrips :

This is also a part of work for the flying. Because for flying runway should be good.

▶ Protecting bases :

Some airmen work to protect the base. Any work can be done only if the airbase will be secure.

▶ Guarding missile sites :

There are many missiles so also have to take care of the missiles. That’s why there is a group of soldiers who have to take care of the missiles.

Some common but good qualities of soldiers :-

They loves discipline :

I am enjoying my husband’s disciplined life. I have seen my husband that he loves his sleep very much, after this, he does his every work schedule.He likes discipline.But he does not rule anyone for discipline.He only explains that discipline is good for health too.

They have the divine power of decision making :

Whenever I make a decision, I am very confused about what is right and what is wrong? But my husband has a Divine Power to make a decision. He makes very quick and right decisions and I love his this art very much.

They live with the rules :

Because during training many rules are taught to them.Therefore, they become habituated to being in the rules.

They are always ready to do anything :

Army personnel are ready to do any work immediately.Whether it is the job of the house and whether the army is.

They do not have laziness, they are very punctual:

Army personnel are very punctual in time and there is no thing named laz.They loves to do their work on time. Because they know the value of time. They have accounted for every moment of their life when they are standing on the border.

They are not afraid to take initiative :

They have the habit of taking initiative.Choking mouth like a coward does not count in their habit.They are not afraid of anyone, so do not be afraid to take initiative.

They have tenacity :

tenacity is their specialty. Even in difficult circumstances, they never lose their tenacity. No matter how is weather cold or hot they have to fight for us . They can’t give up.

They knows very well how to carry on relationship.Even afar, they love their family very much :

Being a soldier, my husband has to stay away from his family mostly.Even after this, he never let his family realize it. He start his day just by talking in their home and the end of his day is only by talking to his family. He loves his family alot. He is very caring and loves me alot. Many times in adverse circumstances, I live in my house far away from my husband. Then I feel like I am single because then my husband keeps my care in the same way as if before marriage. Call me again and again and tell me that I am missing you. I love those moments Because then I feel like I am very special for anyone. And this is the reason why I do not realize that we are far away.

They put their life in service to others because they love India and Indians :

With love of the family, he loves his country too much. They are always ready to serve their country. Those who are wants to serve the country Only they want to be admitted in the army. I am proud that I am the wife of an Indian soldier.

overall A soldier is stock of qualities,Some of which I have said above.

My favourite Rule :

We are belongs to Defence family so government provides us everything separately like canteen, complex, movie hall etc.

I don’t know this rule is for every station or not but In Ambala Whenever we go to watch movies, there is a rule. Before the film begins, they plays the national anthem first.All stand up and sing national songs together.That scene is worth watching.when so many people stand together and singing song…sounds very good. At that time feels proud to be a soldier’s wife.

At the last I want to say we should respect to all soldiers because they fights for our freedom day and night. They leave there home . They leave their home, to keep our house safe. They leave their families to keep our families safe. They die everyday to save our lives. But they don’t want to return anything from your side, except the respect….

So now your turn…


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REVIEW : The Moms Co Tea For Nourishing Feeds

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As you all know this week ( 1Aug to 7Aug) is known as breastfeeding week. Breastfeeding is the best way to provide newborns with the nutrients they need.

Do you know breastfed babies are at lower risk of infections, diarrhoea, asthma, obesity, allergies, and colic.The antibodies in the breast milk develop baby’s immunity, which is responsible to fight sickness.Breast milk is easily digestible and it helps develop baby’s brain. Overall with alot of benefits breastfed is the best for babies.

So now what about the Breastfeeding mama? Ofcourse if we are breastfeeding mama we should take good and healthy meals.meal without chemical and natural products are best for Breastfeeding mama because whatever we eat, baby gets the same. Oh no so what will the moms do that much like drinking tea.How can a mother drink tea containing caffeine?No need to worry moms your problem’s solution is here. Today I want to introduce a tea without caffeine, which helps to increase the supply of milk in Breastfeeding moms.

themomsco ” brand has produced a natural tea without caffeine for Breastfeeding mama and here is the review of the natural tea.

About “themomsco” :-

All natural ingredients are used to make the products of themomsco. A expecting mom established the platform of themomsco brand, whose aim was to find the best for the babies.This brand creates products without chemical elements. They uses the most effective natural products to make their products.They make products for mom and mom to be .The products of these are tested by the great experts of India, Australia and switzerland.

About themomsco tea :-

This caffeine free tea is the herbal mixture of natural ingredients.The leaves and seeds which have been mixed in it, they traditionally used to increase the supply of milk in breastfeeding moms. This tea is Created by and Imported from Expert Formulators in Europe, with the best natural ingredients.This tea is also good for digestive system.A rich source of Vitamin C, known to Boost Immunity.

Ingredients :- The is tea is the blend of Fennel seeds, Aniseeds, Raspberry leaves, Peppermint and Blackcurrant leaves.

Fennel Seeds : This helps to Improve Milk Flow in Breastfeeding Moms and for Relieving symptoms of Gas or Upset stomach.

Aniseeds: This helps to Increase the supply of Milk in breastfeeding moms and and provide Relief to Infants from Gastrointestinal problems.

Raspberry Leaves : This Provides a rich source of Iron, Calcium, Magnesium and Manganese and is helpful in Strengthening the Uterine Muscles.

Peppermint : This makes soothe and calm the Digestive system.

Blackcurrant Leaves : This is a rich source of Vitamin C, known to Boost Immunity.

How to use :-

Add 1 tea-spoon of tea for every cup (150ml) of water and freshly boiled water. Leave to infuse the natural goodness for 8-10 minutes after that Sieve and serve..

Price :- The price of 50 grams of tea is 699 ₹.

Availability :- It’s easily available on themomsco website

My Experience :-

I’m a Breastfeeding mama so I was very scared to drink caffeinated tea first. Because it was not good for my baby. But I am very fond of tea,It was very difficult for me to live without tea.Then I found ” themomsco” brand tea. It is completely natural and caffeine free. Which is good for both me and my baby. Now I can drink tea without worry. This tea is very beneficial for feeding mothers. It is very easy to make.Its fragrance and the taste are very good.Now I don’t have any problems with digestion or gas.Overall, I am very happy with this tea.If you are also a breast-feeding mama , then you should try this tea once.

Pros :-

1) This tea does not contain caffeine.

2) This tea is a mixture of natural ingredients.

3) This tea is a mixture of natural ingredients.

4) Drinking it also provides relief in gas problem.

5) Due to being Vitamin C, this tea boosts immunity.

Cons :-

This tea can only be found online.It can not be bought from a local store

Disclaimer :-

This tea is given to me by the company to share my experience by using but I have given my review very honestly.

To know about my Parenting mantras click hear

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The Mistake I Made…

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Today I’m here with my MISTAKE and my this post is for those who are newbie blogger. May be it might hamper my reputation but I don’t want the other newbie blogger also make same mistake which I made.

I have learned from my mistake and you should take lessons from my mistake. Everyone makes mistakes in life but that doesn’t mean we have to pay for it the rest life. Yes I made mistake it doesn’t mean I’m bad. A good person can also make a mistake because we all are HUMAN.Sometimes we unknowingly make a big mistake.I also made a big mistake and this post is my confession to get rid of my guilt.

I’m a new Blogger. I started my blog in May 2017.I collected 3 intesting and useful information from the web and assemble them on my blog as my own reference. I was a newbie blogger and had no idea about RSS, traffic or monetization of a blog.I was not aware of Adsense and how Bloggers make money.Even till now i don’t know about it more.It was a innocent mistake which I was doing unknowingly.

I got to know about my mistake when I got a msg from my fellow blogger, She massaged me in a group and said- I still remember her words… Sorry Rashmi, I read your blog post. Did you, by any chance, forget to give credit to the original post? It would be against my ethics and integrity if I comment on this post. It is okay if you don’t comment on my post either… I immediately opened my blog where my 3 articles were copied in which 2 I deleted immediately and in the third one I changed whole content overnight. And really this content was more better than the copied one. She can private message but no it was public. That moment was very embarrassing for me. But I can’t do anything because I was wrong. I was not able to face anyone even I have not taken dinner that day.Assuming myself guilty I was too upset. Guys If you can not help anyone then please don’t make it blast too. It’s my hearty request to you all.

Whatever I did it was only for the share knowledge with all my readers but my approach was very wrong, but I was not monetizing it. Also, being a newbie blogger, I had no idea about copied content is illegal, and because I was a new mommy so i did not get the time for my blog that I could write articles. But this was my problem, no one else’s.

May be you all are better than me but mind it I’m also not less than you. I’m also a educated person.yes,I did mistake but I learned from my mistake which motivated me to confess my sin today. Now I’ll give my best in my every blog post. Now whatever I i’ll write it would be by myself because now I want to write for myself to create my identity by writing something that will make me feel proud. I know this will help my blog to grow.

A special thanks to MINAKSHI for everything . She is blogger at Thanks for the cooperation and motivation. Thanks, for giving me a favor at my worst time. She encouraged me – Rashmi by yourself you can do it more better. so don’t think about others only give your best. She explained me almost everything about blogging what should I do or what not and till now I’m learning from her about blogging.

Thanks to read about my mistake, which I already confess. And for this I’m feeling sorry. I’m sure the message I wanted to give that you have got all.

Along with this I request to all the newbie bloggers please never do this mistake which I made. It might be effect your reputation. If you copied then mention the source, from where you have taken it. Apart from this, if you need any kind of help you can contact me I’m not expert but I’ll try to give you my best. So be honest, to be happy.


Review : Harbalism Soothing Gel Mask

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Today I’m here with the product of greenberry organics- Soothing Gel Mask.

About Soothing Gel Mask –

Soothingg Gel Mask is a powerful combination of more than 10 Herbs blended together in a Gel base to give a soothing consistency and effectiveness. Certified 100% natural and Ayurveda inspired remedies.
Ingredients –

This mask is the blend of Pure Rose Water, Aloe Vera Powder, Neem Extract, Turmeric Extract, Chandan Extract, Calendula Extract, Camomile Extract, Guar Gum, Gum Acacia and Glycerine , which gives us a soothing consistency and effectiveness.

Goodness Of Herbs –

Rose Water: Energises the face, wonder extract with the power of natural antioxidants and anti-bacterial giving intense hydration and moisturization to the face.

Aloe Vera Powder: brings down skin inflammations and protects the summer irritant skin. Relieves Sunburns and accelerates healing.

Neem Extract: contains carotenoids which provide high antioxidants that defend the skin against promoting free radicals.

Turmeric Extract: effective in the treatment of acne due to its antiseptic and antibacterial properties that fight pimples and breakouts to provide a youthful glow to your skin.

Chandan (Sandalwood) Extract:

sandalwood has long been known for its skin-friendly cleansing properties. It acts as a cicatrizing and soothes your skin. It is also an effective astringent that tones your skin and rejuvenates it perfectly.

Calendula Extract: is a great moisturiser for dry skin and for severely chapped or split skin. It helps soothe the area and reduce the pain.

Chamomile Extract: natural anti-inflammatory properties provide soothing and cooling effect for the skin.

Packaging –

The mask is packed in a small tub which is convenient to use and travel friendly.

Price –

INR 549 for 100 GMS

How to apply –

Use the product on a slightly damp face as a mask, apply all over the face liberally (Avoid direct contact with eyes, mouth and nostrils). Let the product stay for 15 – 20 Minutes. Wash the product off the face gently and slowly. Apply a couple of sprays of Rose OR Cucumber Toner for a better effect.
My experience –

I apply the face mask for 15 to 20 min on my face. This gel mask is not thick a or runny so its easy to use. After 20 min when I wash my face ,it makes my face clear ,Moisturized and healthy and my face is glowing. I’m that using this regularly will improve the skin texture
You can buy this mask from Amazon.
Have you tried any organic mask? Share your experiences in the comment section below.

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Mee Mee Tooth Brush Review

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Today I’m here with the review of Mee Mee Tooth Brush .

A child learns everything from parent so you need to make them understand the importance of maintaining good dental hygiene as they are going to be with you all through the life! Initial negligence by parent leads to problem of cavities in kids teeth which is the most common situation with kids these days.
For developing good habits regarding properly & regular brushing of teeth kids need lot of attention & motivation so as parents it becomes your responsibility to bring out the best in them.

Here we have a brush from Mee Mee which my son is using currently. Read on to know how good this is for dental care of toddlers.

About Mee Mee Tooth Brush-

👉 Mee Mee tooth brush is carefully made to the highest safety standards.

👉 When most or all of the milk teeth are in, your child is ready to try first real toothbrush with toothpaste.

👉 The rounded bristle-ends are soft and gentle to your child’s gums

👉 Good habits of proper tooth brushing right from the first stage of training

👉 Will help your child to enjoy a lifetime of healthier, stronger teeth

👉 Attractive because of car shaped

👉 Clean before and after every use

👉 Easy to hold.

Price- INR 80

My experience with Mee Mee Tooth Brush-

✔ This is a car shaped toddler tooth brush which baby will like to much and has the perfect size for making it easy for a toddler to hold it. The brush handle is really innovative which gives a good grip in the child’s hands and prevents from falling off.

✔ The bristles are very soft for the baby‘s delicate gums & ensures proper cleaning of their teeth.

✔ The head of the bristles is also of perfect size for a toddler’s mouth and they find it really easy to clean their teeth.

✔ This is foldable to protect the bristles from dust & dirt and keeps it hygienic & soft for long time!

Overall, I can say that this is a good & useful toothbrush from the brand & effectively does its job of proper cleaning of toddler’s teeth!

What I like about Mee Mee Tooth Brush-

❤ Baby pink color

❤ Perfect grip

❤ Soft Bristles

❤ Car shaped

❤ Foldable

What I don’t like about Mee Mee Tooth Brush-

Everything is ok .

Rating– 4.5/5

Have you tried Mee Mee tooth brush? Do share your experiences and learnings with us in the comments section below. We love hearing from you!

Thanks 😃

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BLOG TRAIN :- My Parenting Mantras- Raising your son as a Healthy, Humble and Honest person.

Hello friends…

Welcome aboard this blog train – My Parenting Mantra. We have some awesome bloggers who are going to drive it for over a month. We promise to bring you some enriching contents that will add to your own parenting experience.

Thanks to Ira who blogs at for introducing me.

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Parenting :-

It’s one of life’s biggest blessings but also most challenging tasks.

Parenting is the process of promoting and supporting the physical, emotional, social and intellectual development of a child.

Eery parent wants to raise well-rounded and confident children. Raising your son as a Healthy, Humble and Honest person is my parenting mantra.

1) Healthy :-

I want to grow my son as a healthy person So that he can save himself from the evils of the world. I love to do everything ,which will make my baby happy. I like to Praise my son.Whenever he does a good job, I must clap for him.Praise is a wonderful tool for me to make my baby happy. Praise is good for motivation.Whenever I clap for my son, he looks very happy. And “being happy is very important for being healthy.”

Good health is very important because a person of good health can work property and leaves nothing undone. As a student he shines in his examination and I would love it when he will shine in his class.That moment would be glorious for me. But for this it is very important for my son to be healthy. So that he could touch all the heights of his life and be successful.

2) Humble :- I want my son to be humble by nature because a humble person can win everyone’s heart. I’m teaching my son by my own examples according to his age like love to everyone, don’t beat anyone, sharing and so on .My son is just too small for these Morales so he don’t know what is humble but after this I’m always teaching him about positive attitude according to his age.To be humble, your positive behavior is necessary.After the arrival of baby my nature became positive Otherwise I was very angry and slightly negative but thanks to my baby ,he has changed me. And now I want to teach my son, what I learned from him. I mean I want to develop him positive attitude.I want my son to be positive and humble. If you want to be humble patience is also very Important you. I did not have patience before,I used to be quick and I got angry too early but after becoming a mother, I changed myself. Now I do any work with patience. Because now I know the synonym of parenting is patience. The meaning of this If you want to be humble then you need to be patient. I want to make my son patient so that he can become humble.

3. Honest :-

Being honest is very important for everyone. This I learnt, from this post actually.Well this is not the subject here. Honesty is important because by telling truth, others will respect and trust you. And these both are very important for a happy life. If you want self-respect and you should be honest. That’s why I want to teach my son the importance of honesty. One of your mistakes can make you look bad at everyone’s eyes and you can lose your valuable friendship and relationships.So it is important for you to be honest to save your relationship. I do not want my son to be sad because of breakdown of relationships. So it is very important to teach him the lesson of honesty. So that he could never make a mistake like me. This is a lesson of my mistake and I want to teach it my son too by my example. Because honesty will give peace to my son.

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