To be a SAHM is my choice….

Hello friends…

Again I’m here with my choice..❤❤

As a mommy you come across numerous difficult choices that you have to make for your child’s sake, and an important one is whether to pursue your career, or stay back at home for your child.

Being a working mom or a stay-at-home mom should be your decision, and your decisionalone. There are any number of factors to influence you, like the lack of help available, but I always say, ‘it’s all in the mind.’

I was a working mother before my baby was born;My first born is a son and I wanted my second child to be a girl. I did not want to have any Quilty in my mind that I did not give time to my son.

So what changed?

Post the birth of my son, life changed a lot. I had left my job to be with my son, but during that time I was too overwhelmed by my newborn, and in addition I had to take care of my house as well, and I can’t handle my job with these duties.

There were other changes that I made as well:

1. Delegate responsibilities: When my son was born, I was handling all the household duties as well. I decided to delegate responsibility to everyone else around me. So I had some help for the chores; that gave me enough time to be with my baby.

2. Playing with the baby: I love playing with my baby. I just love the time I spend with him, and with no regrets at all.

3. Preparing meals: When I am at home I can make his favourite dishes and then see his gobble it up happily. It is such a pleasure to see his plates shiny and clean, so much so that I am more than happy to spend time in the kitchen making different things for my baby.

Are you a stay-at-home mom or did you pursue your career? Why did you make your decision? Tell us in the comments below!


18 Replies to “To be a SAHM is my choice….”

  1. It takes a big heart to leave your career and opt to stay at home. You have taken the right decision. Good to see that you are standing by your choices without any regrets.


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